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Well hello there! Welcome to this little haven of crafting and DIY. I'm Jenna and I devote way too much time to my crafting table. I basically have no life outside of my DIY bubble. It's what makes me happy, so I don't mind.

I love everything and anything that can be done by connecting the mind to the hands. I sew, knit, paint, glue, cut, tie, hammer and coordinate stuff and the more time I spend actually crafting, the more ideas about new projects I get.

The point with this blog is to share my hobby with others; share ideas, inspiration and tips & tricks. I hope you will find something of value.

Have a great day!

Crafts to Make at Home

29 Jul 2021

One of the main reasons I love crafting so much is that it actually encourages me to use old household items. I can put all that stuff to creative use in a plethora of ways. I am really limited only by my own imagination.

How to Make Money Selling Your Crafts

5 Feb 2020

So you have a healthy hobby: making cute crafts during your free time. You have been giving away these as gifts to your friends and family. But have it ever occurred to you that you can actually make some serious cash selling these crafts?

Finding Happiness in Legal Online Gambling

26 Dec 2019

Other people find happiness in online gambling, which has recently been legalized in Pennsylvania! After years of fighting, PA is now in the same boat as sister state New Jersey, and can offer online casino and online sportsbooks to anyone over the age of 21 and within the state. So far only three casinos have launched an online platform in the Keystone state, but another five are expected to join before the end of 2019. Since every online game needs to be tested by the Pennsylvania Gambling Control Board before it can make its way to an online casino, games are taking a little longer to come out compared to in NJ.

Online Gambling in PA

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Creating Great Holiday Gifts for Your Loved Ones

25 Oct 2019

Every holiday season, we are busy choosing great gifts for our family, friends, and people we love. But how about sending something unique, full of love, and made by you? You can use your gifted skills in crafting to design the gifts you want for your loved ones.

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